50 Pods the te 'Borghi ese 44 mm filter paper

50 Pods the te 'Borghi ese 44 mm filter paper

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The pods, in pods in standard format, for espresso machines.
Pack of 50 single-dose pods 7,5gr each diameter 44mm

Product: The in pods standard format, for espresso machines. Each pod is individually packaged in a protective atmosphere, inside a sachet of heat-sealed aluminum, to preserve all the flavor for a long time.

Health authorization: authorization N.113 granted pursuant to art. 2 Law of 30 April 1962 N.283 and of art. 27 of the D.P.R March 26, 1980 N.327

Packaging and shelf life: carton box of 375 gr.-50 single doses Dimensions in cm: (lxaxp) 10.5x17.5x9.5 single packs 7.5gr each. diameter 44mm

The product can be stored at room temperature when allocated from sources of heat and direct light. The expiry date, 24 months from packaging, is indicated on the package.

Traceability: Indication on the bag and cardboard of the identification code indicating: Production Lot, Year of production and Expiry date.

HACCP: In compliance with Legislative Decree 155/97 Caffè Borghi sic implements a self-control system that includes: a plan of analysis on the raw material, analysis of the finished product, control of environmental hygiene through the removal of bacteriological buffers.


Any changes to the format or color of the packaging do not affect the quality and characteristics declared by the manufacturer